Pino D'Amico - Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Pino D'Amico
Dip. Fisica Informatica e Matematica, UniMoRe
CNR-NANO Istituto Nanoscienze, Centro S3
email: pino.damico[at]
phone: +39 059 20558122 | fax: +39 059 367488
url :


Present Position
- Since Sep 2014 – Research Fellow  UNIMORE  Modena, IT

Research Interests
My research interests involve transport in nano-junctions with diverse active elements (superconductors, molecules, nanowires), physical properties of confined few-atoms systems in presence of interaction and recently Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO).

The theoretical investigations are based on non-equilibrium Green function, Master-Equation Techniques, Configuration Interaction methods and recently Density Functional Theory approaches.


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