Dr. Rajiv K. Chouhan

CNR-NANO Istituto Nanoscienze, Centro S3
email: email: rajiv.chouhan[at] nano.cnr.it
phone: +39 059 20555629 | fax: +39 059 367488
url : amuse.nano.cnr.it


Present Position
- Since July 2019 – Postdoctoral Fellow, CNR-NANO Istituto Nanoscienze

Research Interests
My research is focused on the theoretical investigation of materials properties within the framework of density functional theory (DFT). Development of theoretical modeling to study electronic and phonon properties of disordered alloys. Material designing aspects such as structural analysis, interfaces, nanostructure analysis of layered and two dimensional compounds, surface effects, magneto-crystalline anisotropy analysis for the energy storage applications, lithium and sodium batteries, permanent magnets, nanomaterial designing, and structural stability.

At present, my activity deals with the ab inbitio simulation of devective and sub-stoichiometric phase change materials, within the activity of EU INTERSECT project.


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